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Emotions behind Sex Dolls

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Emotions behind Sex Dolls

Note: This article may be long it will provide you with emotional insight into the need for sex dolls. Furthermore, you will gain a deeper appreciation for sex dolls. Moreover more and more sex dolls are being designed and manufactured to provide lots of people with companionship and help them work through their loneliness.

I joined a sex doll company after graduating college. My company is specialized in selling sex dolls to foreigners. During my time in this company, I have come across the deepest loneliness and the most touching emotional stories as well.

I woke up that day at 7: 30 in the morning. After doing some laundry I rushed to the office. Fortunately, I lived about 10 minutes from where I work. I typically crossed a deep alley and arrived at a gray four-story building. From the outside, the building looked no different from the old buildings in the suburbs of Guangzhou, but within, it held a surprise…

Emotions behind Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are designed to mirror the look and feel of lots of young women’s bodies. The first sight to behold was walking into the factory, which is the site of countless bodies of young women hung on steel frames. They came in all shapes and sizes as well as every imaginable skin town. Even after working here for so long it still shocks me when I walk into the factory every day

It was July 2017 when I first began working in this factory after graduation. My job was to sell products all over the world. Most people were only familiar with inflatable sex dolls. However, with scientific advances, sex dolls made of silicone or TPE had recently become available. This advanced sex doll more closely resembles a real person. It had well-defined and highly detailed hearts as well as a built-in metal skeleton and bendable joints which allow you to place the doll in different poses.

The dolls of course came in different variations such as weight, facial features, skin color height, eye color nails, and even hair and tattoos. The sheer quantity of variation makes customization a very wide possibility. The dolls also come with a heated body option as well as customizable sound cards which allow the realistic sex dolls to speak in their preferred language.

Typically our sex dolls are priced ranging from 400 to 1,000 yuan, depending on the quality build and customization. Customers usually take photos and list out their requirements full stop the factory then follows these requirements to design the mold and make the exact doll fitting the specified requirements.

Among the real life real dolls designed by the factory is a smart doll that can move its head and respond to guests in English. This makes this sex doll similar to a smart robot and although it has a higher price tag, some customers prefer this level of functionality. The cheapest AI doll can cost as high as $2500. However, this price is much lower when compared with American and European sex dolls.

A part of my daily routine is to walk across the planet to my office. Once at my desk I turn on the computer to check the mail. This is my first activity for the day and it involves entering all kinds of strange questions from new customers such as:

● How hot can a doll get?
● Is it possible to get stuck in a sex doll’s vagina?
● How is the sex experience with a doll?

Across the plant, I walked to the office and turned on the computer to check the mail. The first thing I do every day is to answer all kinds of strange questions from new customers: “Will I get stuck in the vagina of a sex doll”, “How many degrees can a doll heat up to”, “How is the sex experience”.

Sex Doll is Good Friend

That morning however the mail ‘ding’ rang, but it was an email from Mike with the caption “this Christmas, I will not be alone”. These words brought a smile to my face because Mike was my very first client. He was an American introvert and a typical otaku.

A few months prior I knew nothing about the sex doll industry. While 80% of the lifelike sex dolls in the factory as sold abroad which means different time zones and I often had to stay in the office until midnight to communicate with customers across time zones. Even after my 3-month trial period in the factory, I had made no sales. I began to have doubts if anyone was buying the product. It was the last day of the trial period and I was not in a good mood. I sat alone in front of the computer barely an hour to midnight. It was at this time that I saw a customer message on Facebook. The message read: “I live in America. Do you deliver to the united states?” I could feel tears well up in my eyes as I quickly tied in the answer: “no problem many of our customers are from the United States”

My reply came within a minute: “I want a European and an American doll.”

lonely bench

I wasted no time sending him a purchase link and he immediately paid for the order at a total price of $499 with free shipping. I could not believe I had made the first order.

Mike asked me every day for the next several days after that: “will my sex doll arrive today?”

I sent him a screenshot of the logistics information, and he responded with a tearful expression. It was two weeks after Mike received the doll. He said that he had a sofa in the bedroom for the dolls. Before Christmas, he bought another.

I would send him a screenshot of the logistics information and his response was a tearful emoji. It took two weeks before he received the life like sex doll. He informed me that he had a suffer in his bedroom for his sex dolls and before Christmas, he bought another doll.

Mike has since then emailed me almost every day to talk about his doll. He sent me various pictures of his doll where he dressed her up in different fashionable and beautiful costumes. Every time he dresses dolls up in a new costume he will take a picture and send them to me. We slowly became friends until Mike had social anxiety and a fear of talking to people. He was only comfortable talking to people online but he eagerly communicates online.

The two dolls were his first step to trying to communicate socially in the real world. Suddenly I remember that it will be Christmas in 2 days. I quickly clicked on Mike’s email. I was greeted with a picture of the two sex dolls in the photo dressed in festive costumes. Mike was seated in the middle with a huge smile on his face. Before now he had only sent pictures with the dolls. Fear never included himself in any of the pictures. I was very happy and I smiled at the screen for a while.

Emotional relationships with sex dolls

Another one of my notable customers is a Japanese guy named Takamura Gomura. Hear other the sex during the Chinese New year and asked that we ship it as soon as possible. This meant that I had to stay and process his order and ensure that it was delivered on time.

A month later he realized that it was the Chinese New year and I felt bad about making me miss the holiday: “I’m sorry David I’ve made you unable to go home for the Chinese New year.” I was touched by his sincere apology. My fingers quickly formed the words: “it’s fine. I spend a lot of time at work these days.”

wife back

During his younger years, Gomura was very hard-working. He and his wife were transferred to the US branch as directors soon after they got married. At that time he was very busy and he barely went home even once a year. He earned a lot of money in those years but he missed out on a lot of family time. His son was born in Japan and he barely got to spend any time with him. Also, he was not aware until his father died. He had been busy until he retired and returned to Japan with a need to reunite with his family and finally get to spend time with his wife. Unfortunately, however, his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and died shortly afterward. In addition, his son followed in his footsteps and went to work overseas which made it very difficult to spend time with him. Gomura was left with the large house and several luxury cars but no one around to enjoy it with. All he had left were memories of how his wife lived in her youth and the regrets of the time not spent. He stumbled upon a Google ad for one of our dolls. The doll bore a striking resemblance to his late wife and with just less than 20 days to his wedding anniversary, he knew he must have this life size love doll.

He contacted the company and sent me pictures of his wife. “This is when we were just married. She was seen and her eyes were big and round. This was the picture of when she got pregnant she became a little fat with a double chin. She looks particularly cute. This is a picture from when she was 30 years old with little wrinkles and the corner of her eye. “There was a long pause. I could imagine the overwhelming emotions he was going through.

Later he contacted me with more emails to tell me about the doll. He told me he would base the doll and dress the doll up in New clothes. He would also push the doll to the park to sunbathe with him. For him, the doll was his wife now.

Small Sex Doll May Be a Child?

It has been some time since my first order and I have since then gradually get more customers. I now process at least a dozen realistic love dolls each month with some months going as high as nearly 50 realistic sex dolls.

Along the line, I met a German couple who showed me pictures of their daughter’s room. The room was well decorated with popular cartoon characters such as Cinderella, Alice, Snow White, and Bugs Bunny. The room also had a bed full of plush toys as well as a picture of a little girl hung on the wall. They informed me that the girl in the picture was their only daughter. The girl had died in a car accident a few years ago which left them saddened for a long time. They considered having another child but due to their age and physical condition, it was not a realistic choice. The wife stumbled on one of our little realistic love dolls and she was immediately interested. The dolls were so lifelike and the couple ended up buying a small real life sex doll that looked mostly like their daughter. They emailed me a couple of weeks later to tell me that they had received the life like real doll successfully. They also told me how cute it was.

girl room

I was very happy for them. I thought about it for a while and I realized that no matter how much the couple loves this doll, the real life real doll will never grow up. However, the couple will gradually grow old but their little doll will stay at that age forever. They will never get to see their daughter grow older into adulthood, graduate from school or even lead her down the aisle at her wedding. They saddened me.


The emotional part of sex dolls

Beyond the physical appearance and features of the real life sex dolls, there are lots of other emotional aspects and attributes these realostic sex dolls can inspire. They can be coping mechanisms for loneliness and social anxiety. For me, it took working in the industry and communicating constantly with various customers to realize just how far beyond physical gratification real life love dolls can be.

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